Inventory Services


An inventory is a report detailing the state of a property at the beginning of a tenancy. The report can help avoid a dispute over a tenancy deposit when a tenant moves out as it is a clear indicator of the state of a property when moved into. It is in the best interests of both the vendor and tenant to carry out and check an inventory.


If anything is damaged in the property, the inventory can clearly determine whether the damage was caused before or after the move in. It is also worth noting if a landlord feels a tenant has caused damage during the course of their stay and a dispute is raised, it is completely up to the landlord to prove the tenant has in fact caused this damage, not for the tenant to prove they did not.  

With this in mind, in our opinion it is imperative an inventory is ordered and carried out before a tenant moves in to avoid a potentially expensive and time consuming ordeal. Pinpoint Homes date and time stamp their photos to ensure clarity and integrity of our reports.


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